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Custom Work & Consulting · Web site hosting and domain registration

The following guidelines in web site construction. Web sites tend to be very unique in construction and design. Therefore prices in most cases will be negotiated. All services beyond the basic packages are negotiable since some web sites may involve a combination of unique applications and tools. Will provide a quote for the initial production of the site with 50% down (non-refundable) and final payment upon public launching of site.  Minor tweaks will occur after completion and are included in the price.  If larger changes are required it will be billed at the hourly rate.


  1. Page Layout & Design Based on Client Information.
  2. Graphic design work.
  3. Photo re-sizing and enhancement for web readiness.
  4. We can create sites based on a WordPress platform to static pages built using Dreamweaver or a variety of applications and platforms.
  5. All forms such as contact forms are produced using applications that can protect you from spammers.  (Captcha) is one method we use.
  6. *Monthly Maintenance is provide to insure your site is always up to date.  See more detail below.


Custom work can range from re-doing a current site to advising on how to achieve a new application of SEO using google places just as an example.  The currently hourly fee is $50 per hour with a one hour minimum.


*Monthly Maintenance at $120 per quarter (3 months at $40/hr). (includes minor updates 1 hour per month) This is not accumlative…in other words if it is not used one month it expires.  Each month is unique.  Any work during a month that is beyond an hour is billed at $40 per hour.  This rate is $10 off my normal hourly rate of $50/hr for clients who are part of my maintenance program. This also includes maintenance of all website connectivity and email plus storage of web site assets on Wright Way Management’s Network.

Web Hosting of your domain and files

  • We can provide complete hosting services including email services that represent your domain name.  Such things as forwarding an email “” to a more private email that you may already own.  We can assist in transfering and exsisting domain to our hosting service, Bluehost.  This only costs one years domain registration fee.  Currently $13.95  If you are a new client to WWM we do this for free.  If this is to help you in solving a problem then our hourly rates come into play. Our hosting fees are billed quarterly at $60.00 per quarter per domain.

NOTE: All prices subject to change.