Why do I need a Web Site???

How can the Internet work for my business?

The Internet and the World Wide Web work for businesses for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason that the World Wide Web can work for your business is because people are using it. Current Internet use estimates range from 30 million users connected to over 50 million users connected! Internet access is like having your own library to peruse at your leisure. Using the various Search engines available, you simple put in a few key words and your results yield a sea of information sources, both commercial and noncommercial. Finding what your looking for is a quick and easy process. Not only are households connected, but more and more businesses are putting their people on-line. For purchasers, researchers, engineers and end-users of goods and services, the Internet has become an indispensable resource.

Your business benefits directly by an Internet presence:

  • Enabling you to reach people / customers you don’t know are out there.
  • Allowing you to disseminate catalogs and or product specification sheets without the cost of printing and mailing.
  • Allowing you to service your existing customer base or potential customer base 24 hours a day via your Web Site.
  • Allows your “Web Brochure” to become a living document that can be updated without the cost of mailing and printing.

The Internet is a cost effective marketing tool for a wide variety of businesses. Newspapers, magazines, and traditional media disseminators are finding it an invaluable adjunct to their business. Real estate companies, insurance agencies and sales organizations are using the Web to augment their existing marketing and sales programs allowing them to reach a vast audience of potential buyers. Retailers of mail order goods are finding the Web helps increase their catalog reach and sales returns without increasing the costs associated with marketing their goods.

Small organizations of 1 to 10 employees gain the advantage of a “Big Company” presence. More and more businesses and organizations are finding that, indeed, a World Wide Web presence is for them.